Thursday, October 4, 2007

Great video for anyone trying to get out of the Rat Race

A bit heavy of on trying to scare you but it has a powerful message:

You have to rely on yourself, not the government, a pension/retirement account, your boss, etc., if you want to break free of the rat race. This motivational video is all about you: start a part-time business in the basement, earn extra money, keep extra money, and work to set yourself free.

That's why we play Cashflow, right? Right?

We want to get out of the rat race. Some of the Twin Cities Rich Dads and Moms members are employees, are self-employed (own a job really, me included), own investment real estate (I do), invest in the stock market or really own a business. We come from all parts of the Cashflow Quadrant and we all have one thing in common: we want out of the rat race. Let me repeat that a little louder because I don't think everyone was listening:


Many of us are trying to improve the tools we have to do this. Some are taking or have taken coaching, some of us belong to a real estate investing club like the Worcester Real Estate Investors and Northern Worcester County Real Estate Investors, belong to professional organizations or landlord groups like the Northern Worcester County Landlord Association. Many of us subscribe to newsletters on areas of interest. And there is lots of reading involved.

How you do it is up to you but I'm working at it several ways: self-employed for now moving into business ownership, real estate and investing in other things that make sense.

Boston is a big Red Sox town so I'll use a baseball metaphor:

Don't try to hit run every time; that might work for the David Ortiz' of the world. You might get lucky but Big Papi has incredible skill and power and can do it with regularity. I can't. Playing by myself, I've got to play small ball and look for singles and doubles. Or even a sacrifice.

Investing is a team sport. It's unusual that a team wins solely on the luck or skill of a single player.

Take partnering. You've now got the skill of many working as one. That means a by working together, if you and I and a few other people work together, we collectively become a power hitter/base stealer whatever. Together we have a big impact.

Want an example? Look at the last game post at the 3 people that got out on one deal by partnering. 3 people! One didn't even have cash.

Think on that that for a while.

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