Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Great post on marketing by a Worcester County business owner

Laura Briere is someone I've come across because of posts we both belong to the Rich Dad Followers group on LinkedIn. If you aren't a member, you should be (it's free) and if you do join, connect with me!

Anyway, anyone who follows anything to do with Robert Kiyosaki want to own a business, real estate and or other investments. That means you should be marketing (hear that real estate investors?!?). Check out Laura's post below. I'm going to invite her to join us for a game.

Robert Kiyosaki Knows His Marketing | Vision Advertising

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

18.2% drop in home prices and it's not getting improving!

No brake on home-price free fall in Case-Shiller index - Jan. 27, 2009

For the 12 month period ending November 30, 2008, the Case-Shiller Home Price Index shows a drop nationwide of 18.2%. Since mid-2006, it's fallen 25.1%.

Don't expect this to change anytime soon.
Flood of foreclosures: It's worse than you think - Jan. 23, 2009

Banks are slow to foreclose and list right now. The supply of homes is roughly double what is currently listed. Make sure you have enough margin in you calculations or will cash flow!

Additionally, more people are out of work.
Bloody Monday: Over 71,400 jobs lost - Jan. 26, 2009

Plan B (or C, D, E or F) is even more now than ever. Real estate is a good plan B; I obviously think so or I would be involved. You still should be looking at other ways of making money.

Curious? Email Lee or give him a call!

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